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Adjustable Backdrop Stand

Adjustable Backdrop

Adjustable Backdrop also called as Collapsible Backdrop, Portable Backdrop, Retractable Backdrop is widely used in the market due to its re sizing structure and setup in minutes. We are offering adjustable backdrop with printing options based on client requriement
Adjustable backdrop tejaswi

Adjustable backdrop tejaswi

Adjustable Backdrop can be fully extended to 8 feet x 8 feet height and can be customized to minimum size of 4 feet x 4 feet as per setup requirement. Adjustable Backdrop are setup in minutes and dismantled even faster. Due to their compactness they are carried from location to location at ease and can have you backdrop setup in minimum time.


– Professional grade material
– Reusable, Portable, Reliable
– Can be set-up by anyone in minutes
– Comes in heavy-duty carry bag with handle & shoulder strap
– Your Backdrop/Step&Repeat easily fits onto stand through pole pockets

These Adjustable Backdrop Stand are widely used for conferences, seminars, Exhibitions, events, display where the setup time is minimized. In just 10 minutes you are ready to go. These are one of a kind stands that can be resized as per banner requirement and easily set in minutes. Adjustable Backdrop Stand is a perfect 4 side frame system for branding that needs to be set at various location.
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